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Our Team

Joe Armata – Joe is involved in banana, pineapple, strawberry, cantaloupe and honeydew sales.

Bill DeFelice – Bill buys and sells our tropical produce line.
Margie Fischman – Margie handles tropical soda sales as well as our frozen line of items.
Pete Gabriele – Pete sells our stone-fruit, grapes, and watermelons, as well as general sales.
Brian Kriebel – Brian buy and sells our tropical produce line.
David Levin – David buys the bananas, ripens and sets the market for sales.
Mark Levin – Mark is the melon, grape, tree-fruit and berry buyer and salesman.
Ryan Miller – Ryan is the western vegetable salesman.
 Jeff Moore – Jeff buys and sells avocados and is involved in general sales.
Joel Segel – Joel buys and sells carlots of potatoes and onions as well as apples and citrus.


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