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Photos from the Archive!

M_Levin__Co This photo shows employees of M. Levin and Company, Inc. at their Spruce Street location on April 24, 1951.  Pictured from left to right are: Frank Riggin, William Davis, Martin Levin (in the back checking a banana room!), Jack Benowitz and Ben Levin (in the white coat).  They are sorting bananas on a rotating table.

M_Levin__Co (1)This photo was taken December 20, 1950. It shows an employee of M. Levin at the old Dock Street location working a stalk of bananas!

Newsletter Archive

Newsletter 1: M. LEVIN NEWSLETTER # 1

Newsletter 2: M. LEVIN NEWSLETTER # 2

Newsletter 4: M. LEVIN NEWSLETTER # 4

Newsletter 5: M. LEVIN NEWSLETTER #5

Blasts from the Past

The Ripener – Spring 1998 issue Take a look at this newsletter back from 1998 featuring our banana ripener, Joe McGowan!  Joe has been with M. Levin since 1987!

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