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Cantaloupes are melons with rough, hard warty-rinds.  They have heavily netted rinds and a reddish-orange flesh.  They are a sweet melon.

Growing Area
They are available from California, Texas, and Arizona from May until October (peak season in July) and they are available year round from South America.
Handling and Storage
Good quality Cantaloupe will have large webbing or netting on the skin and will have orange/yellow coloring and be slightly soft on the stem end (and will be firm elsewhere).  When ripe they will give off a sweet odor.  Avoid Cantaloupes with soft, sunken spots and those that are greenish in color.  Store whole, ripe melons between 40 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  Only refrigerate ripe melons or cut melons.  They taste the best when brought to room temperature before eating.
Organic Cantaloupes are available.
Year round.

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