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Cherries are fruit that grow on trees.  They range in color from pale yellow to deep red or blackish skin.  They are fleshy fruit surrounded by a smooth, non-edible, seed.  The perfect cherry is rounded with a slight heart shape and dimple at its stem end.  The skin is thin and taut.  Its texture has a soft melting quality and its flavor should be bright, pleasantly tart and sweet.

Growing Area
Cherries come from Washington State, Oregon and California from Mid-June to Mid-August.  During the winter months Cherries are imported from Chile.
Handling and Storage
Cherries are delicate and should be handled with extra care.  Avoid purchasing soft orshriveled fruit.  Avoid placing in the sun or in warm areas.  Refrigerate immediately.  They can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.
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Year round.

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