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A fleshy tropical stone fruit.  Mangos are generally sweet, although the taste and texture will vary across varieties.  Some have a soft, pulpy texture similar to an overripe plum, while the flesh of others is firmer, like a cantaloupe, or may have fibrous texture.  The skin is generally not eaten.

Growing Area
Mexico, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Haiti, Florida, Costa Rica.
Handling and Storage
Store whole mangos between 54-60 degrees F (50 degrees at the lowest).  Be gentle, they bruise easily.  Do not pick overripe, shriveled or bruised fruit.
Green, Atauflo, Haden, Haitian, Keitts (round and flat), Kent, Brazil, Tommy Atkins (most popular variety).
Mexico – March – September; Florida – May – September; Haiti – January – September; Brazil – September – January.

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