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A sweet juicy yellow, green, red, or brown fruit with a rounded shape that becomes narrower toward the stalk.

Growing Area
Handling and Storage
Pears may be stored at room temperature until ripe.  You will know when they are ripe when the flesh around the stem has a slight give to it.  Ripe pears can be stored in the refrigerator for two to three days.  Avoid bruised, soft, or scarred pears.
Over 3000 varieties exist around the world.
Green Anjou – September – July – refreshing, sweet and juicy with a hint of citrus flavor; Red Anjou – September – May – aromatic, juicy, fresh and sweet; Bartlett – August – February – Signature pear with abundant juice; Red Bartlett – August – January – Juicy and sweet with a floral essence; Bosc – September – April – crisp, woodsy and honey sweet; Comice – September – March – buttery and exceptionally sweet flavor; Concorde – September – February – Crunchy, earthy, with a hint of vanilla flavor; Forelle – October – March – Crisp, tangy and sweet; Seckel – September – February – bite-sized, crunchy and very sweet; Starkrimson – August – January – Moist and sweet with a floral essence.

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