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Apples are either oval or pear shape.  The outer skin has different colors depending upon the cultivar type.  Internally, the juicy pulp is off-white to cream in color and has a mix of mild sweet and tart tastes. Its seeds are inedible because of their bitter taste.  Apples are most often eaten raw, with their skin on, although apples are also popular for juicing and baking for desserts.

Growing Area
Washington State, New York and New Zealand.

Handling and Storage
Choose fresh, bright, firm textured apples.  Avoid those with pressure marks over their surface as they indicate underlying mottled of pulp. Fresh apples can be kept at room temperature for a few days and stored inside the refrigerator for two to three weeks. Wash them in clean running cold water before use to remove any surface dust and residues.

More than 7,500 varieties exist.

Apples can be found year-round (they can be stored for months in controlled atmosphere chambers).

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