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Fruit of the genus Musa, a gigantic herbaceous plant spread by rhizomes, and one of the most important food crops of the world.  The Banana is consumed all over the world.  It is best known for its nutritional value and constant availability.  Ripe Bananas are high in Carbohydrates, Potassium, and Vitamins A and C.  The United States imports more Bananas than does any other country.

Growing Area
Bananas are grown in tropical climates in Central and South America such as in Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Haiti and Colombia.
Handling and Storage
Bananas bruise easily, take care when handling them.  Never refrigerate your Bananas.  Bananas will continue ripening once you purchase them – be sure to eat them quick!
There are hundreds of varieties of Bananas.  The most common variety for eating today is the Cavendish variety.  Other varieties of Bananas include Manzanos, Ninos, and Plantains.
Bananas are available year round.

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