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Breadfruit is a round, starchy, usually seedless fruit that resembles bread in color and texture when baked.  It is seldom eaten raw.  It is a staple food in tropical regions.  When a Breadfruit is ripe the rind will be yellow-brown in color.

Growing Area
Breadfruit is grown in Panama, Key West, Jamaica, in the Caribbean, Africa, Mexico and Haiti.
Handling and Storage
Breadfruit in the green stage is hard and the interior is white, starchy, and fibrous.  When Breadfruit is fully ripe the fruit will be somewhat soft, the interior will be cream colored or yellow and pasty, and also sweetly fragrant.  At home, place the fruit in a cool well ventilated place.  Ripe fruit should be used within 2-3 days or it will deteriorate quickly.
Common Names
Breadfruit is available year round.

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