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Nearly round, shiny, and tough skinned.  The color ranges from yellow to a dark-red orange.  Oriental persimmons are the most popular, t hey can vary in shape from round and flat to oblong and cone shaped.  They are best eaten chilled, or scooped out with a spoon, best for cooking.  Fuyu Persimmons are short and firm, crisp and sweet, and the skin can be eaten or peeled.  Hachiya persimmons are longer and pear shaped.  They need to be eaten very soft.

Growing Area 
Handling and Storage
Look for ripe persimmons (if eaten unripe the flavor will be very bitter).  Look for good, even coloring.  Wash, cut off leaves, slice (like you would a tomato), peel if you wish (to peel immerse in hot water briefly).
American; Black; Indian; Hachiya (most common); Fuyu
Common Names 
Sharon Fruit
September – December

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