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A stonefruit.  The flesh is firm, juicy and mealy.  The fruit’s peel is smooth with a natural waxy surface that adheres to the flesh.  It contains a single large seed.

Growing Area
Handling and Storage 
Choose plums that are firm and plump.  A ripe one is tart, sweet and juicy and will give to a gentle squeeze.  Leave plums at room temperature to ripen.  Eat ripe plums immediately or store in the refrigerator to keep for several days.
Common Names
When dried they are called prunes.
Plums are generally a summertime fruit.  Early season fruit is as follows: Mid-May: Red Beauts (bright red skin and mild flavor); Black Beauts (thick tart skin, fresh flavor), that turns reddish as the fruit matures (end of May).  Santa Rosa Plums: June – early July – Purplish, crimson skin with tart flesh. Santa Rosa Plums have red flesh towards the center and yellower flesh towards the skin.  Black Amber Plums: June – Mid-July – Smooth black skin with amber flesh and a small pit.
Mid season plums: Queen Rosa – lightly freckled, purplish red plum (mid June-mid July) with juicy, mild, light amber flesh. El Dorado – mid June – mid – July, color ranges from bright red to reddish black with a purple tint. La Roda – late June to end of July – Freckled dark red to purple skin, occassionaly yellow tinged. Simka – The “New Yorker” variety – a bit larger, red to reddish purple skin with light freckling (July).
Late season plums: Friar – July – Labor Day – most popular variety! They have a deep black skin with a small pit.  Their juicy and sweet flesh contrasts with its slightly tart skin.  Kelsey – early July – August – bright green skin.  As they ripen they turn from green to yellow splashed with red. They are very sweet!  Casselman (late July – September) – Bright red exterior and light freckling.  They have a tangy sweet flavor when ripe.  Angelino – End of August – Thanksgiving – Heart-shaped plum with a full dark red to purple-blue skin.  Sweet when fully ripe.


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